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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Don’t Just Kill the Lawn. Why Not Create Habitat?

Some Californians seem shocked to hear the water people finally say: “Hey folks, rethink that yard! We don’t have enough water for lush lawns.” Why the surprise? California is the only state in the union where rain doesn’t typically come in summer, which (aside from the gold rush) is why they call it the Golden […]

Wild Horses, Please Drag Me Away

Escape from the Daily Grind and Go Wild . . . at the Wild Horse Sanctuary near Manton Horses originated here in North America. Ancestors of today’s horses migrated to Europe, Asia, and Africa but were frozen out here by the last ice age. Then horses came back. The thundering herds of Western yore started […]

Can You Name That Bird?

Noted Expert Shares Birdwatching Basics, and Introduces Local Birds You’re Likely to Meet Timely Excerpts from The Birds of Bidwell Park, Written by Roger Lederer & Illustrated by Carol Burr Many cities point to their open spaces as very special, but Bidwell Park is really the jewel in the crown of Chico. A very distinctive […]