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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Road Not Taken

Lukewarm about cars, young consumers pose a marketing riddle for automakers You’ve gassed her up, you’re behind the wheel, with your arm around your sweetheart in your Oldsmobile . . . —Tom Waits If you were in the business of selling a popular dream—say, freedom, status, and mobility—and you began to notice your customers’ dreams […]

What Color is Your Organization?

Frederic Laloux is a Galileo for our time. And he’s definitely deep, deep teal. Not every idea threatens change to the status quo, but those that do are met with a fairly predictable response: attention, which can diverge into derision or fascination; resistance; and sometimes, acceptance. I just finished reading a book that’s bound to […]

The Ecology of Home

This part of California is home to me. I can’t claim generations of northern California kinship as my friend JoEllen Hall can. Jo descends from the pioneering Stover cattle ranching clan. Her family still wintered horses in upper Bidwell Park (good grazing) not all that long ago. Her mother was a talented trick rider, too, […]